Convatec Sweden

Living a full life with a colostomy bag

Convatec Sweden is one of the major players in colostomy care and wound care. Starlings was commissioned to do a makeover on Convatec’s communication – both articles and video. For a year, together with the client, we have created and produced much new content. As a result, customer engagement grew rapidly, and consequently, Convatec has met several key performance indicators.

Exercising with someone who knows what it’s like

When the fitness profile Leila Söderholm was 38 years old, she suffered from bowel cancer and lived with a stoma for a period. Me+ recovery is a fitness program especially developed for those with a stoma. The training program with Leila is in video format and can be downloaded at Today, Leila Söderholm is completely recovered.

Do you too want to exceed your key performance indicators? We’ve got you covered!

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Oldoz Lundin & Camilla Cherloo, Convatec Sweden AB.

Content manager

Peder Nääs Sundemyr

Video production

Andreas Bergius, Dan Elmner