Mattecentrum – non-profit

The assignment

Video production

Mattecentrum is a non-profit association that since 2008 has offered free homework help in math to children and young people. To increase knowledge in mathematics among Sweden’s school students, the association runs math studios in schools, libraries and other premises throughout the country. On the web, Mattecentrum also offers help in a variety of ways.

This year, Mattecentrum collaborates with the Skolklassikern to show that math does not have to be inactive – it is possible to dance math! And who is better suited to demonstrate this than the tv-host and teacher Beppe Singer? Well, maybe not since he’s a fan of dancing, but as he’s passionate about making math more fun.

Amazing what some smart editing and great graphics can do for the sense of rhythm!?

How we work

A considerable part of the initial work with each new client is what we call the discovery phase. That’s when we bombard the client with a whole lot of questions.

We find out what is lacking in communication and the goals and visions for an optimal outcome. Whom are we going to talk to? In which channels and platforms? How? And not least why?

Inciting interest and creating an enthusiastic connection with the target group is based on solid research, experience, knowledge, and empathy.

We use all of the above to achieve the most significant and desirable effect.

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Karolina Lisslö Gylfe, Secretary General, Mattecentrum

Where and when?

Matteparken, Tekniska Muséet, Stockholm.

Idea and production

Andreas Bergius, Starlings

Jan Axelsson, Red Carpet Media