From small to big – in a platform of your control.

We develop a concept that reaches the specific target group with the right communication and messages in the best channels and platforms.

The purpose of the concept is to respond to the challenges and goals set in the strategy. Whom do we want to reach, where are they, and how can they be influenced? Visualisation with mockups, designs and different types of content helps in explaining the proposed solution.

Information structure.
Content and functionality.
Design and copy.
Creative ideas.
Project limits and scope.
Analysis and follow-ups.
Tone of voice.
Key performance indicators.

Based on your budget and needs, we propose the best solution.

A concept can be anything from a series of newsletters to an editorial initiative spanning over all platforms and channels. We consider what you want to achieve with your communication and suggest the solution that fits you the best – of course, also in line with the budget in mind for the project.

What we do – and why we do it. In the content strategy, we set our plan. We make decisions about goals, target groups, content types and channels.
Production, design, and publishing in selected channels. Analysis, optimisation, and conversion.
With the right content marketing concept – large or small – we make sure your information reaches out in the media channels that you control.